"Babes-Bolyai" University

"Raluca Ripan" Institute for Research in Chemistry

New luminescent nano-materials core/shell types based on sulfides


The project theme is in the domain of the nano-materials and aims to synthesis and characterizes of new nano-materials core/shell types based on sulfides with predetermined properties with applications in optoelectronics. By its scientific objectives the project contributes to:

  • the formation of young researchers in luminescent materials field;
  • develop the specific knowledge in domain;
  • open new research direction;
  • increase the national/international visibility.

The specific objectives are related to:

  • preparation of new Cd-free nano-materials with tunable luminescence;
  • developing the ultrasound-assisted synthesis method for preparation of ZnS-CuInS2 core/shell and core/multishell nano-particle;
  • optimization of the synthesis methods in order to improve performances of phosphors and to control the morphology, structure and luminescence characteristics;
  • resolving some aspects concerning the energy transfer in core/shell particle.

The methodology is specific for materials science and implies: sample design; core/shell and core/multishell nano-particle synthesis; characterization of materials; interpretation of the original results and dissemination of the original results.

The preparation of phosphor powders is made by ultrasound/microwave-assisted method.

The characterization will be performed by: ICP-OES, FT-IR, XRD, SEM/TEM, EDX, XPS, PL and BET investigations.

The original results will be disseminated by publication in journals and communication at scientific events.


Synthesis and characterization of Cd-free new core/shell ZnS-CuInS2 type luminescent material.

GO1 Formation of the human resources by:

  • developing the ability of young researches to lead/manage research projects;
  • forming the human resources in the science of materials with targeted properties;
  • sustaining and encouraging the participation to the internal/international scientific events;
  • creating research position in materials science domain.

GO2 Developing the knowledge domain by:

  • developing of new core-shell type materials free from cadmium;
  • formulation of new theoretical hypothesis referring to the as prepared materials.

GO3 Increasing the visibility on scientific level of research member team by results dissemination by:

  • participating at scientific events - minimum 3;
  • publications - minimum 3 ISI;
  • WEB page.

GO4 Technical-material base consolidation:

  • -acquisition of R&D research equipment.


  • Synthesis and characterization of doped ZnS and CuInS2 NPs with transitional (Mn, Cu, Ag) and/or rare earth ions (Eu, Ce) for tunable luminescence using ultrasound/microwave assisted methods;
  • Developing the ultrasound-assisted method in order to obtain different types of core/shell ZnS-CuInS2 NPs;
  • Optimization of the ultrasound-assisted conditions for obtaining core/shell and multishell NPs with controllable morphology, structure and luminescence;
  • Resolving some aspects concerning the energy transfer in core/shell and core/multishell NPs.